Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arbor Day Weekend

Nothing is as lovely as a tree - KPCNews: Kpcnews

Please click on the above link for this week's column and leave me your own "tree climbing" story!

Here are some of my favorite guys at the Adopt-a-Tree Festival: Matthew, Art Eberhardt, Aaron, and Jonah.

Again, favorite folks: Lee, Bonnie and Jonah

This is my favorite photo of all: Aaron, Matthew and Jonah sitting on the Aldo Leopold bench at Wing Haven. When my children were young, they sat on the same pier.

I am going to become a hiking fool now that my recovery is going well!


Anonymous said...

Tree climbing story a. My brother fell out of the grapefruit tree in our back yard. He hit his head on something and needed stitches. Most head wounds do produce a shocking amount of blood. B. One Thanksgiving morning we were out for a walk and we heard a huge tree fall. I do not remember the sound but we were all I suppose dumbfounded by the noise and bewilderment. I can't say how many days past before we went on a bike ride on a woodys trail and encountered a HUGE fallen tree blocking the path. we climbed over it with a struggle brought the bikes over the limbs and trunk and at some point, probably when we first saw the tree down thought OMG this is the noise the noise we heard on thanksgiving!! C. Lulled by the sign that said this walk though the Nanthahala National Forest near the Smokey Mnts was EASY we a family of four with a 7 year old and a 14 month old child started to hoof it to Alum Falls (?) we climbed over one tree down then another before deciding to turn back. The long and short of it-- the path of destruction of the STORM of the century (@1993) caused this. However at the time, I was soo incensed. I wrote and mailed a letter that was "misplaced" upon arrival- but eventually replied to and the ranger type person responded with apologies for the delay and an explanation for the trail difficulty (Storm of the century blah blah funding ...overwhelming tasks yada yada ...). In retrospect, I do not remember exactly what I wrote to the Sub station location of the national Park Service regarding our Experience on the trail that was no longer easy but i encourage others to hand write a letter of gratitude or concern. These days it might not get misplaced but passed around and the lovely handwriting may receive some compliments.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the story. It is interesting that trees or the lack of holds a place near and dear in our hearts. And, yes, letters of concern or gratitude in a hand written letter is the right thing to do.

Lou Ann