Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And so January continues...

Photo courtesy of the Angola Sheriff's Department

My winter photos have become common place now. They also have become common place with you as well. I love this one in particular as it really shows how vulnerable we are to weather, especially winter this year.

I have also, of course, been watching winter slide across America through photos on Facebook and the news. We complain. We groan. We wish for Spring, but in our heart of hearts do we love what we cannot control?

We are in charge of so many things in our life. I have always enjoyed the fact that weather still happens and we must live in the middle of it.

If you have a photo you would like for me to share this January, please send it on to my email address:

Since I am not out and about I would love to share your photos this winter.

Until tomorrow,

Lou Ann


Jackie Coleman - Author said...

I always enjoy pictures of snow ... as long as the picture is being taken of someplace other than where I live!

Vanessa • • Attractive + affordable blog design said...

I never get tired of snow photos, and I agree, although I groan over the weather sometimes, I still love to see the seasons change!

Anonymous said...

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