Friday, November 01, 2013

What are you waiting for?

Halloween Night 2013

Halloween, 2013, has come and gone. Do I say I am glad October is over or do I miss it already?

This month has been a storyteller's delight with stories and more stories. The events have been varied in all ways.

I must admit the moment I take the stage the light is green and I am whisked away into a world of abandonment where I live with you, the audience, and the story.

Last night was the usual Halloween fare at my house. I dressed up as a witch, as you can see, and sat outside under the old crab apple tree waiting for the little goblins. Most are a bit scared of me, and I can see why. I did take this photo of myself while waiting for children. I had a great time with make-up and adjusting the settings on my camera for this effect.

Last night I offered eyeballs or candy (in a witch's voice of course). Some actually chose eyeballs. I think they were too scared to say candy.

The wind blew and the rain drizzled down upon us, but no one seemed to care!

Afterwards friends gathered for witch's brew and great chili made by Karen.

I must say I had a disappointment that not all of my neighbors had their porch lights on for children. I think I see a campaign coming for next season.

As for you and yours, I hope your Halloween was as delightful as mine. Drop a photo or two so I can see some of my readers. Without you there wouldn't be much of a blog and I would just be talking to myself, and that, my friend, happens enough!!

And now moving is November.


Anonymous said...

As a child, you have no idea what an imposition it is to call upon your neighbors ,that do not fully embrace this night of community. Last year, I chose to embrace the holiday. I had a cd playing loudly from the garage--a New Orleans jazz collection,something I enjoyed to pass the time and to give the impression there was a good time being had by all in the garage --now I need party sounds to complete the charade. In any event, we wiled away the few hours in the yard enjoying the music, the reactions from trick or treaters to the "body" on the table covered with a sheet and the chalk body out lines --- not very visible at night though we tried to position them in the steet pools of light. Anyway, it seems the visitors are chauffeured from neighborhood to neighborhood. Those on foot were treated to calls from my coyote heckler, purchased from the local hunting shop -- I did get a kick out of making annoying sounds, but this year I had to work. so I was absent in the antics. Good for you LouAnn for embracing the evening. If neighboors pool their resouces and have a block party approach to the festivities, music and a "town hall" gathering--- they can catch up, chat and hand out candy while having a seat in a comfortable yard chair and enjoying light refreshments. it is possible to buy into holloween--- baby steps at a time.

Robb said...

Very cool! I"m playing "catch up"... Been busy of late with music and such. I hope all is well and I'm glad that you had such a good tim. Mine was spent readying for older "goblins" for a show that happened that following Saturday. It was also a lot of fun :-)