Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Hunting with my Dad"

This was photo was taken in 1945 of my Dad and his brothers.
From left to right: Richard (my Dad), Keith, Jim and Jerry.

Today is my dad's birthday. He would have been 84. This is a photo, as you can see, from 1945.

My dad left behind stories and books and poems that I now treasure in my studio. The other day one of his poems slipped out of a folder, "Hunting with my Dad." 

This past week Jonah brought home his first deer to the family table. I wove the hunting poem with stories of family traditions of hunting. I hope you enjoy the column. It was a labor of love.

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Vickie P said...

Your blog honoring your father was touching. My family did not come from a hunting tradition but my husband's did. My husband tells stories of hunting with his father, particularly a tradition of Thanksgiving morning hunts. I had always considered hunting a some what barbaric practice;however, my husband learned to honor and respect the natural world and it's inhabitants. He too is a farmer, as was his father before him. I can hardly wait to share your father's poem with him.

Thank you,
Vickie P.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Dear Vickie,
Thank you for your comment. This tradition is strong in so many families, and I am glad you are able to understand it. I hope your husband is touched by the story as well. Lou Ann