Monday, October 21, 2013

OK, writers; it’s time for the annual novel exercise...

OK, writers; it’s time for the annual novel exercise - KPCNews: Kpcnews

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to start the National Novel Writing Month beginning November 1st. I am looking for a few good writing buddies to bounce off ideas and push each other along. The deal is to write 50,000 in 30 days. Ah, come on, you can do it. It is dark and quiet on those early November days so this will spruce up your intro to Winter with writing in the quiet mornings.

The above column will tell more of the story. Just click the above link and there is my column.

As always, thank you for reading. 

I realize I get behind at times, where do the stories go?

Lou Ann


Amerah ali said...

I read your article in Saturday's paper and immediately went to sign up on NaNoWriMo's website. I've been meaning to start writing a novel and this challenge is perfect for kick starting that desire. I'm even supplementing the challenge by taking the Novel Writing Workshop that author Bill Brooks is hosting at the Fremont Library on November 2nd.

Zoe said...

Hey Lou Ann!

I'm doing NaNoWriMo with some of my friends here in Asheville. Hopefully we'll be able to finish it around our schoolwork, but we're going to give it a go anyway.

I hope your arm is all right now.

Zoe Howard

Lou Ann Homan said...

Amerah, I am so glad you will be writing this November. That is a great way to kick off the event by listening to Bill Brooks.

Zoe, wow! I am so excited that you will be joining the program. We can keep in touch and encourage each other. My arm is fine. The cast came off in early September. It was quite the summer with a broken arm! So fun to hear from you!