Monday, July 22, 2013

My early morning birthday walk on Ocracoke Island.

Just in case you cannot view the video, here is also a photo I took this morning!


Robb said...

Happy Birthday! And thanks so much for sharing your morning walk on the beach! The gift of a walk on the beach beats any store bought trinket, hands down, doesn't it? I hope the rest of the day is fantastic too! It looks like it started out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. You need to record the sounds of OI for a CD that one can purchase online. There must be many sounds-- the ponies for one, or OI residents reciting/reading their favorite poem or one you selected due to its copy write expiration therefore no royalties just a thought hehehe

Lou Ann Homan said...

Thanks Robb. Actually the day ended at the beach as well watching the full moon rise. What better gift is there? However, Philip did make a fog cake for me!
Anon: That is a great idea!!