Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salvador Dali, St. Petersburg and my son Adam!

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to St. Pete to have lunch with my son Adam. Yes, it is a long way to go to have lunch, but moms must keep tabs on their kids!

We had a great time visiting, having lunch, walking the town at dinner with late night bistro dinners and his dog, Zoby, of course. Please sit back and enjoy this column and the video at the Dali Museum!

Click here for the story of my travels to St. Petersburg!


Anonymous said...

Imagine being inside the egg during a Florida summer thunder and lightening storm-- been there done that! very exciting --- wanted to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit down the street but we got lost but found a great coffee shop with excellent pastries. The trolley bus ride to the pier was what 25 cents, rode down to pier walked back to the museum to experience the city. made it back before the rain. Glad to see the tree via your video we missed it on our visit.

Lou Ann Homan said...

That would be exciting to be inside that museum in a thunderstorm.Sorry I missed that. I love the trolley system in St. Pete. I traveled the city on the trolley (and the bus) each day. Thank you for your comment. Everyone should take time to visit the Dali Museum!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps visiting the web site to learn about the Go cards and fares for city bus routes would have made for a more pleasant experience. I suggest you read their web page and if it is confusing to you as it was for me NO WONDER people don't ride the bus or no wonder there is confusion. Perhaps a written letter detailing your out of towner experience would elevate the management's collective consciousness. Bus driver thinks I am not a baby sitter i am paid to drive the bus not to tell you the fares and routes and stops. So much for customer service and a warm and fuzzy feeling.