Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peony in Bloom

Peonies in bloom in my garden.

One garden at a time comes alive at the White Picket Gardens. In the last two days my peonies have opened in full bloom. They join my Iris garden and my French lilacs. With all my windows open, the scent from these gardens waft through all the rooms in this old house.

I remember peonies in my grandmother's garden. They are perennial and, once established, they bloom for decades. In China these lovely flowers are as important as the plum blossoms.

The peony is the state flower of Indiana. This was decided by the Indiana General Assembly in 1957. It replaced the zinnia. Although I must say, I still love zinnias in my garden.

What is blooming in your garden?


Anonymous said...

In my garden an Oakleaf hydrangea is in bloom, the gardenia shrub has buds about to bloom, the pinecone ginger is pushing up shoots, my ground cover wedalia or oxeye is blooming and the confederate jasmine perfumes the air. The lantana in my mother's backyard is in bloom-- such a hardy shrub in the South. The delicate flowers that add color and fragrance to the Midwestern garden have never been seen in person by me.

Lou Ann Homan said...

I love hearing about gardens all over the country. I cannot grow gardenias or confederate jasmine!