Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last photo of winter...

One more winter snow out my front window.

Is this the last snow of winter?
My studio is so quiet this morning. There is the hum of the heater giving warmth to me and my writing.
Snow falls out my window, the window that is curtained with red silk and tied back with Mardi Gras beads.
My two desks are full of the trades of my art....the laptop, camera, files, coffee cup, a couple broken pencils and photos of my little grandchildren.
Is this the last of the winter I ask myself? I take time to watch the snowflakes as big as silver dollars float by and I find myself on the front porch taking the last photo.
I come back in and find the book, "Many Winters," watching me from the shelf.
I pull it down and gaze through the poems of Nancy Wood, her poetry from the Pueblos. It is a stunning book and still available for buying and reading.
Here is an excerpt on the "last photo of winter day."
Many winters I blew the stars around
So that the place where each star fell
Was where a river grew
Taking as its course to the sea
The path of the winter sun.
Many winters the trees slept with me
And the animals walked on my breast
Just as the birds drew near
Seeking warmth from my fire
Which took the sting from the night.
"Many Winters, Prose and Poetry of the Pueblos"
Nancy Wood
Spring will come, my northern friends, just as the southern wind will come and blow winter away for her long-earned rest. We just hope the wind begins soon!
Lou Ann


Anonymous said...

I look forward to more poetry. April is National Poetry month.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Yes, I know! I love that month! I am glad you enjoyed this piece. The world is so full of beautiful language! Lou Ann

Robb said...

That wasn't the last snow; at least for me. We're looking at 6" on the ground already and the snow is supposed to come for the rest of the day. I'm starting to grow weary of the snow shovel, but it does look beautiful and the snow deadens any noises (and that's very few in these parts!). How about you? Did you get "blessed" with more of the white stuff?