Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Gypsy Life for Me!

Last week end was the Fall Fest and the Civil War reenactment in my small town. I spent three days telling stories and strolling the town and battlegrounds.

I had pretty good company as I mingled with Samuel Clemens (he looks good after all these years, although is still very arrogant), Abe Lincoln (who could lose a few pounds by the way), Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin. Ben's wife was there as well and I wanted to ask her about her husband's affairs in Paris. I don't think she would have believed me!

I sang, told stories and read a few fortunes along the way. I had one group of folks ask about gypsies. I told them they often sing, dance, tell stories for coins and then move on. They ask what I do for a living. "Well," I said, "I tell stories, sing, and teach for coins and then I move on."

So now we now where the gypsies settled. My back yard.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Franklin contributed so much to the fabric of America. Even if he had historically footnoted children out of wedlock we can read of them because he raised them and supported them --not to leave the mystery mother on her own. His common law wife chose not to join him on extended trips abroad can one fathom these days the back and forth between countries the cultural exchange of ideas ??? Neil Young admits to being in the US without a green card (back in the 70')