Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dusk in my Hometown...

Dear Folks,
Some of you readers have followed me from Ocracoke. I am so glad you have done that. I think often that I live two separate lives, and of course I really do.

When I am not on Ocracoke taking wonderful photos, videos and writing stories, I am here in my small berg of a town doing the same thing.

My town is small, about 7,000. We have a town square which you are looking at right now. I live just a few blocks away so that I can ride my bike anywhere I go, except to shows!

I took this photo on Tuesday evening. This is our Civil War monument. The sun was setting, the waxing sliver of a moon was gleaming in the early dusk, and it was a photo waiting to happen.

This ran on the front page of our newspaper today in quite a large version. Small towns, small is the world I choose to live in.

As always, thanks for reading.

Lou Ann


Anonymous said...

Love the photo! I can understand why they wanted it for the front page. I don't know if it 's the first time , but I am reasonably certain, it won't be the last.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Thanks so much! I was thinking of using this for greeting cards. I made a collection of cards for Ocracoke to sell at the market so here are some for my own town!

Robb said...

Really awesome photo! I love the lights on the monument with the waning light in the sky behind it. That really makes the photo pop!

Philip said...

Super photo! Get some cards made. Tell Dana he needs to get his "A" working.