Monday, July 30, 2012

Come visit Blanche Jolliff Howard!

Dear Folks,

So the labor of love video blog.

Today's blog has two features, first of all please enjoy my column on Blanche. This was published at KPC where I have written a weekly column for several years. As of right now, it is published in four newspapers.

Click on the link here to enjoy: 

This week's column featuring Blanche from Ocracoke Island!

Secondly here is my video blog. I had experimented a little with this one splicing two together. You will see where I did that. I also mention the word
"garden" more times than needed! I do love to say that word with the emphasis on the first syllable.

Well, just enjoy the video. It is lovely. Blanche is lovely.

As always, thanks for reading and watching this summer!

Lou Ann


Robb said...

Blanche is such a wonderful lady!

gail said...

What a lovely memory.......

Southern Skies said...

Rene said ...
What a fabulous lady!!! This was quite a treat to sit and listen to her tale via your video!!

Anonymous said...

You know, not once did she say you know. I was hanging on ever word, and it would be helpful for a back story. Are these goslings reared as, did she say decoys?? Also that "garden" is it just not blooming, though I did spot a hydrangea. Please someone buy her a bag of bloom booster to feed her plants she deserves a beautiful garden in bloom. zinnias are colorful cone flowers cosmos , what does one grow in a front yard garden on OI