Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Solstice in my small town...

At the moment of the solstice celebration (7:09) I was sitting in my garden with eight other members of my book club. It was my turn to host, and indeed I did so. The night was warm, as they have been this June, but with a fresh pitcher of Sangria (I do have the best recipe) and lively conversation, we barely noticed.

The talk is always of books, of course, but as the time drew near, we took a moment to reflect in the lives we lead, and how we are choosing to lead these lives.

We passed the candle around the circle for reflecting, I shared my favorite Solstice chant, and then we gave thanks for this world of beauty.

When dinner was over and the dessert plates were empty the women began to leave one by one gathering their books and thoughts and meander back into the world.

My friend Susan stayed to chat and visit. We sat back out in the garden under the inky sky and shared thoughts on everything, like girls do.

We watched the fireflies light up the night sky, listened to the neighborhood children saying good night to friends, and talked until the candles burned low.

In the morning I received this lovely video from her on email. I want to share it with you are we begin the rites of summer.

As always, thanks for reading, please share the video with all who will watch and give thanks and a prayer for this magical world we live in.


Larry Durkos said...

Is simpler always better?

Lou Ann Homan said...

Hmmm...I think so, but then again nothing stops me from zipping around the country on a flight. I think we need all our worlds, just in moderation and with preservation and beauty always in our mind.

Oh, Sangria??? Recipe to come!