Friday, February 03, 2012

W.B. Yeats

It has been busy and a bit hectic since I returned from Ocracoke with Philip. I have, however, still had a little time to study for my class. We are currently (still) on Yeats. I found one of his poems on utube. It is lovely and moving and brought me to tears. Let me know how you feel about it as well.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the Yale class. I listened several times to the reading -- after a long day at working curious if I would be moved to tears. Alas lack I was not. I read other readers interpretations on line and well I was puzzled by the line about the bars. did the subject stir the glowing embers-- to rekindle the flame--was this the burning love metaphor which is so hackneyed ?? gain popularity with Yeats??

Lou Ann Homan said...

Dear Reader, I am moved too tears by art and music so don't feel bad if tears didn't flow for you.

I think(my own interpretation, not my professor) that it is about growing old, embers dying, but still much to do. Hmmm...who knows?