Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farewell to Ocracoke

Today my suitcase is packed, my laptop and camera are securely in place in their bags, and today I say Farewell. A long journey by ferry, car, and eventually the train in Virginia to carry me back to the Midwest.

This January has been my first winter month to be here on Ocracoke. It was much more wonderful than even I had expected. I will miss the beauty of winter on this island, my friends, activities, and I will miss Philip. This photo was taken on our beach walk last night at Southpoint. It was brilliant.

Farewell until Spring.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the train trip to your other home. We will all look forward to your posts from small town Indiana. We will just have to keep up with Ocracoke on Philip's blog.

Woodduck said...

Oh, no! You're not coming back for summer?
Never more? Ha! You got some sand in your shoes; you'll be back...take care/happy trails

Lou Ann Homan said...

Oh, I will be back, in the meantime life is where you are.