Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene and the Fringe!

Dear Folks,

Wow,  what a week this has been! I spent the past 11 days in Indianapolis at the Fringe Festival with my new show! I loved it, although I can see there is always much work to do on a production. (More on that later!!)

Of course, Hurricane Irene came into play and when I was not Fringing, I was being updated on Ocracoke and writing Philip's blog to keep folks informed.

Thanks for your patience with my blog, perhaps you checked in on his.

So, I am back in Northern Indiana where the weather is stunning. The chores ahead of me are big, as always....the unpacking, the Studio work for new shows, gardening, and catching up with family and friends.

Here is this week's article. Enjoy. Tomorrow I will put photos in of the Fringe as well as my thoughts.

Lou Ann

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This week's column!


Anonymous said...

Glad Indy worked out for you. Thanks for updating Phillip's blog. Ocracoke is a wonderful place not least of all because of the people. We hope all will be well with them.

Anonymous said...

Want to hear more on the show. Sure it great. oI is good - much better than most of the OBX. Hope to see you soon. Jude W