Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Weekend...

Ahhh, it is Valentine's my small town it is a very sweet event. All
the local florists have signs in windows for roses and tulips. Trine University's gala black tie affair is tonight and my favorite restaurant, The Hatchery, is taking reservations only!

I love the thought of this day, even though it is a Hallmark event, there is something so sweet and thoughtful about the day.

On the other hand, it is difficult for folks without dates and sweethearts. So I decided to share thoughts for those of you alone on this day:

Buy yourself flowers (see the photo of mine)

Go to dinner with friends, really good friends.

Make a snowman with a heart (the weather is perfect for it!)

Take the little people on a date (I am taking Matthew and Jonah to see The Frog Prince this afternoon!)

Buy chocolate, really good chocolate.

Remember wonderful Valentine's Days
 of the past, but only with your best friend!

Go bowling (OK, probably not for me!)

Read that book that has been sitting by your bedside!

Put red satin sheets on your bed and sleep right in the middle of the bed!
(plain white cotton sheets will do as well!)

I must say my favorite Valentine's Day was eight years ago when I met Philip in a lovely old cabin outside of Asheville. He had flowers in the room, a special book for me and hidden behind a dresser was a telescope. There was a note that said, "Since I can't buy you the stars and the moon, here is the next best thing." It was the nicest thought ever.

So, on this lovely night, if you can't be with a special someone because of geography or affairs of the heart, please enjoy the weekend in your own way!


Anonymous said...

How romantic! Does he have an avaiable brother?

Marilyn said...

I always feel better after reading your "stories".I thank you for all the wonderful words you put down on paper for others to contemplate.Happy Valentines Day Lou Ann........

Anonymous said...

Your heart through your words is like a kite flying with romance above in the skies... since the shops in Angola expose beautiful, colorful, delicate flowers while the ground is asleep under its white blanket ... you go by Lou Ann and "catch" the wind of this sweet Valentine season taking us along (those without a sweetheart! ) and your red tulips with rays of yellow, orange and green become ours on your lovely bright picture ... you make me smile for sharing in advance this eerie and real beauty ( and contrast)
...May your cheers bless you in return Lou Ann,reading you I thank you, while my heart tries to cope happily with seeing my daughter Virginie leave for "Student Challenge Rallye" down to the desert in Marocco , to plant palm trees ... 23 years ago Virginie was born there in Rabat - she just left for 12 days, and I think about her Valentine !
-I appreciate your heart for being "romantic" ... so much insight ...cheers ! micky

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor said...

Thank you for your thoughts and feelings girls! Micky, wishing your daughter much strength.
Now go buy flowers.