Sunday, January 09, 2011

This week's column!

This week's column...traveling home and the new show!

Just click on link! Thanks so much, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What a pleasure I sense it is to give(of yourself) that happily !
A labor of love ...
Reading your week's column made me want to "jump" in !(no hesitation )
A stage , an audience , a show ? ! what unspeakable joy and fun in an awesome reunion - hard work too .
Dear Lou Ann ,you are like a daisy with white petals, those we pull one by one , each representing an enjoyment shared with others. Christmas 2010 is behind now but this New 2011 year is already so exciting !
Thanks to you ...a curious(French ) one (me) is eager to know more about everything you write about : "The Spoken Word Theater " and your new creation ... the years 1964 .
The only thing related to this date that comes to my mind is an Irish singer name , Christy Moore whom I used to enjoy (his country music and the Appalachian tunes have a lot in common ) one of his songs is called 1964!
Besides , naming Garrison Keillor is really touching my enthusiasm since ... a couple of years ago ,I "discovered " him (driving my car -in the US- and listening to the radio )I immediately thought we miss someone like him in France ( I love his faithful and tender humour and the music around him )it was such a blessing for me !
Take care, and enjoy ! the light in the lighthouse shines
micky with love, and cheers ...