Monday, April 19, 2010

A new beginning...

Philip left yesterday taking a flight back home to his Island. The house seems very empty without him. He has been my caregiver and friend for four weeks now. I will always thank and appreciate him for all he has done to get me well!!

Now it is back to my own to manage living on my own again. I am so fortunate to have friends and neighbors and family who are really at my beck and call. Karen, my daughter in law, is in charge of bringing groceries, Alia (a great friend and part relative) is doing laundry, Larry (from next door does the yard care), Lee, my neighbor and friend, is coming over for morning coffee and checks in periodically, his daughter, Morgan, sweeps and cleans up for me....

Actually the list goes on and on. Since I am sleeping in my little bed downstairs, I have clean clothes and such in the library for two days. All in all, it appears to be OK. I even walked without the stick today, carried my camera instead as a safety net. This photo is looking up at the crabapple tree in my yard! It has been so beautiful this April!!

The crapapple tree in my front yard!

A star on local cable TV!! OK, a tiny star!!

You all know how much I love living in my small town. It is beautiful this time and year and we all just enjoy sharing dinners, poetry, ping pong nights and recording commercials.

My neighbor and friend across the street is a cartoonist, writer and a crafter of repairing old houses.

He restored mine back to the original a couple of years ago and painted it lavender! He has restored my old weight-driven windows, redone ceilings, fixed old plumbing, lighting, etc.

Anyway, here is a commercial we recorded the night before I left for China. It is fun to watch, enjoy!!