Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

This morning drizzle and fog blanket this part of the Midwest as I pull open the shades and peer into this November day.

Family has started to arrive for Thanksgiving, my favorite Holiday, known just for family and stories and good food.

The old lavender house welcome Adam and Tonya back from Florida. Of course, both are from this area so there are lots of folks and family to see for them.

We always put together a packet of events and possibilities so that we know where we are all going.

As for me, I usually just stay in the center of the house as they come and go.

So, wherever you are, Thanksgiving has just started in this small town.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful , I can feel the frenzy happy busy time-ness of this gracious season ... in your homy town of Angola, the warmness of your welcoming house, the scent of the freshly made beds , your lighted garden and somehow I am joining in to add my French touch to all of your many different joys ... am French but Thanksgiving touches my heart very deep this year and my gratitude is over pouring !
I'll be invited to several houses here in my neighborhood to darling and cherished friends , so I have no big cooking in the oven nor on the stove , but an abundance of love coming and going ...I appreciate to read about your spirit Lou Ann ... and the lively life of yours and of those around you ... take care and be blessed ! please note that in Charlottesville Virginia today we were sleeveless and the air was umbelievably warm and sweet , isn't it a lovely unexpected gift ! ... Micky with love .

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor said...

Micky, thanks for your nice comments. It sounds lovely where you are as well. Life is where we make it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true!
... I thank God all the time for this life and yes, it is very beautiful around here in Virginia... Lou Ann remember I have invited you to visit ( I also have so many stories to share )
The more we are grateful for what we have the more we enjoy all there is ... one day when I cannot move my legs as now I can, my fingers will continue to dance ... Hey , it was so lovely to have some interaction and I thank you for your thank you note ! Micky