Saturday, September 04, 2010

Notes from the West Coast...

So, the hurricane came and went, and was actually just a windy night and a few branches down on Ocracoke. Nice that things went so well after all that worry.

As the hurricane approached the Island, I was flying to Portland, Oregon to be with Abe, Kristin and the little girls Holly and Brianna. Holly is three and Briana just turned one.

It was a long flight and I kept thinking about the flight to China...never to do again...

We have all talked non-stop and played as well. I brought a barrage of puppets for the girls, some of my best friends and they love them. Maybe they will remember me after this visit.

Late yesterday afternoon we packed up and went to the Pacific Ocean. We had dinner out, then down to the beautiful rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Abe scrounged around for driftwood for a fire while I dug a hole and lined it with rocks. We had hoped to watch the sunset, but it was cool and misty and the fog rolled in. It was spectacular, just breathless.

Today is the the Farmer's Market and then out to the country for wine tasting.
What a great time we are having.

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