Friday, July 09, 2010

Thunder across the Island...

I have a new office space this summer that Philip built for me. He had the old wash house restored with one side for my writing, photography or just getting away studio. It is wonderful having a place to go that is just mine.

I love writing in this little space, (Photos to follow) it is quaint, small and has a great feng shui. This morning I was finishing up my column as a storm came rolling in over the water. Thunder, lightning and great torrents of rain swept by my windows. It so reminds me of thunder storms on Lake Michigan when we were all kids.

So, in case you wonder where these words of wisdom come from this summer, they are written in a small, restored wash house out to sea.

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Olga said...

Oh, how very, very much I envy you for a space of your own. The fact that it is out to sea...Let's just say, jealousy is not pretty.