Monday, July 19, 2010

Mad Mag's Studio

As I promised, I have taken an early morning photo of my new writing studio!
This wonderful old wash house has probably seen more laundry on this island than I would care to do! I also know how hard it was to keep clothes laundered with the primitive facilities of the hand pump, homemade detergents, wash boards, and the heat of the summer, as well. I often think about the smell of clothes in days gone by here on the island, the clothes must have been scented with fish and stale cigarettes!

So, as I use this newly restored space, I have already christened it this summer with many writing projects, singing and dancing as well.

Thank you Philip for this wonderful gift!


Olga said...

A room of one's wonderful. That is an exceptional gift!

Anonymous said...

Just read you comment regarding Hydrangeas. They survive in the dryness do tell I have seen mine wilt in the summer heat. Have you ever photographed your hydrangeas and if you have had success please share you secret.

AgapiStudios said...

it's just wonderful ... the pics, your passion ... very lovely ... bumped into your blog ... come visit mine sometimes would love to have you.