Saturday, May 08, 2010

Concert on the green...sort of!

Last night our town of Angola began the first of the summer concerts on the green to celebrate our revitalization project. These concerts are scheduled to be on the green behind the courthouse. I love this idea and was so excited to support this concert series, and although the weather turned quite volitile, the concert went on.

Our local coffee shop, Cahoots, opened its door to the band and the attendees. It was a great evening with doors wide open, rain pelting down and rumbling thunder, to sit with friends drinking coffee and enjoying music to wind down the week.

Next week another concert on the green behind the courthouse, or back at Cahoots, either way, come on down! The music begins at 5:00 so bring a lawn chair and enjoy another evening in our small town.

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micky said...

I am so glad for you and all the people there to know of this music going on, something I love so much and so it goes on every week all summer ...we also have a country place in the Mountains close to Charlottesville where every Sunday afternoon there is blue grass Music played under a large tree ... awesome ! considering your previous post and thinking of you there,I wanted to say that I met a fox in the woods... no dime! it was special because he was not really frightened by me , and very beautiful! I thought I could invite you here to see ...m