Friday, April 09, 2010

Sassafras Walking Stick

Learning to walk properly, quickly, smoothly is my biggest challenge at this point. I try to take four walks per day each one a little further, longer, quicker.

Philip, of course, has been taking my arm, but I decided it was time to take charge of this walk myself (as long as he is still by my side.)

My choices of independence include a regular walker, a four prong aluminum cane or a wooden cane. For some reason all of the above just could not work for me. Then I remembered that years ago while at a conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, I found a wonderful sassafras cane with a rawhide loop at the top for hanging. I immediately bought it and brought it home on the airplane.

I hung it in my kitchen just for the beauty of it. It is tall and crooked and full of character. I took it off the hook in my kitchen and it has now become my constant companion.

I already have heard the rumors and stories or sightings of me and my old cane walking the streets of my town.

Last night as we walked through the cold and mist the only sound was the tapping of my sassafras cane.

So, shall I become the eccentric old woman who lives in the purple house walking by moonlight with her sassafras cane?

Or shall I remain the eccentric storyteller/writer always looking for a good story? Or...both?


Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I really enjoy your blog, you are a terrific storyteller! I am sorry about your back and your trip to China-that is awful, but I really admire you not letting it stop you. I love the idea of you and your sassafras cane becoming a local legend. :-)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

We expect to see you square dancing in the school gym this June on Ocracoke Island . . . with or without the sassafras cane.

Anonymous said...

Worthy of a pic I'm sure. Both you and the cane!!! Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Lou Ann, sweetness transpires in your sassafras cane story. My heart was melting to read you. I know you need great patience to recover yet I also sense that your healing is a priviledged time recieving your friend's lovingkindness and generosity . Love is overflowing through your story of this unusual situation, China in the background ... it is lovely & delicate to see what's behind the cane ... or who I 'd rather say .. Merci, Micky