Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Photo by Colleen Karas/Photography Student

Photo used with permission from Colleen Karas
Tuesday afternoons after I shoo out the kindergarten students and clean up the room a little bit, a handful of fifth and sixth grade students come for after school photography class. There are 14 of them and two teacher/students as well. They quickly take their seats with their gear in hand and patiently, or not so patiently, wait to share their photo journals and photographs with the class.
The class is Shadow and Light of Winter in which we all don the boots and winter woolies as we head out to find beauty in northern Indiana. Their enthusiasm and excellence in the class shatter any misconceptions about today's young people.
Colleen is a friend, colleague and teacher at our school as well. She has a technological brain and has helped me so many times in the past with projects. She also has the side of beauty of which she is just now uncovering. This photo is of her neighbor's driveway last week end. She graciously gave me the permission to print on my blog.
Darkness is descending, I best get my camera and take a photo or two.


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