Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Packing one more time...

Tonight I am packing to go back to Houston. It is my third trip in two months. This time it is for my dad's memorial service.

We are driving to Texas this time so a road trip by the Saylor clan will be the on call for tomorrow. We are also driving straight through. I have strict orders by my sister on bringing a small bag with just the essentials. Here is what I am taking:

snacks (mostly chocolate)
money (for gas)
crossword puzzle books
The New Yorker
a pillow
a sweater
extra jeans
two pair of underwear
snowflake socks
lip gloss
hand lotion
two books
my laptop
cell phone
road atlas
my black dress
See you in Houston.


Anonymous said...

Resilient & clever,travel safely ! enjoy your (favorite things)& family ! m

Anonymous said...

...reading the list of your favorite things before you depart to celebrate your father memorial day sympathy for you grew and took hold on me ... a little voice asked me to tell you that meanwhile Nice, an adorable baby boy was born ,his name is Morgan and he is my grandson...this note is to replace my previous one !I had not considerated your words well enough, nor yet read behind them... so sorry, m

Annie said...

Thanks so much for your sweet note on the new baby and congratulations. As tumbling dust, the world changes. la

Granny Sue said...

I hope your journey was a safe one, and your time with your family filled with light and peace.

gg said...
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