Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three weeks and back to blogging!

Dear Friends,

How could three weeks go by without even writing a word! Where have I been and what in the world have I been doing??

I traveled back with Philip since that seemed to make the most sense with the broken arm. We first went to Indy so that I could do my workshop and then back home to get ready for school.

It was a great homecoming with Adam and Tonya here visiting. Tonya stayed an extra week to give me a hand in the classroom...she is so artistic!

She is also the fairy godmother to Mathew and Jonah!

It was a busy week with family and friends and my border, Jim Beam, still here. We spent most of the evenings watching for shooting stars, celebrating Adam and Aaron's birthday, and lots of dinners.

Everyone left at once leaving me alone in my rambling old house! It felt very strange at first, but I guess we get used to everything.

I have decided to put my articles on line under Sunday Passage so they will be available to read on my website as well.

The weather is clear and amazingly fall like. Tonight we welcome back Mengting and another friend from China for a cookout...marshmallows as well!

So, back to Indiana, back to blogging. and life does go on even when it switches directions!

Lou Ann