Sunday, May 03, 2009

May Day and Spring at White Picket Gardens!

May Day arrived in great splendor in Northern Indiana, and oh, we have been waiting a long time for it! Jonah and I spent all afternoon making May Day baskets for all of the neighbors.
We filled the entire dining room with art supplies including glue and paste and scissors and pipe cleaners and everything necessary to make this old fashioned baskets. Once finished we filled them with candy! When Matthew came home from school we tiptoed up to the neighbors porches, rang the bell and ran. Actually we tried hiding in the bushes to watch their faces when they received the lovely gift. Several neighbors called with a thank you and told me stories of how they did this when they were little. Isn't it nice to keep tradition alive!
The trees in my yard and in full bloom...Bradford pear, crab apple, lilacs and it is spectacular this year, probably due to all the rain we have had.
So, I am off to working in the garden taking time out for my last Mother/Daughter banquet of the season tonight.
Lou Ann

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