Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Line Dancing in the Street

Every Tuesday night is line dancing in my small town. There are four of us girls who never, ever miss this dance class. We start the evening at the little Pizza Forum in Angola, our local mama-papa pizzeria, and chat and gossip and laugh away an hour.

We quickly pay our bill and move on to line dancing at the VFW in town. Our instructor, Sally, is a line dancing guru. She knows them all, encourages us and has even moved us to the intermediate class!

Unfortunately the VFW is being remodeled this spring, so alas, no class!

That does not stop us, now that we are intermediates! We have the music, our notes and CD player. So, last night we danced in the street, OK it was the driveway, but it was great fun. Neighbors walked by and put heads out windows to give a bit of a cheer or just watched out of curiosity!

We danced until dark, and all went their separate ways!


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