Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pop's Weiner Shop and Wax Lips

On Friday afternoon Jonah and I took a field trip down into our small was fun to be back visiting the shops and my friends after my summer on the Island.

We had 'coffee' at Rachael's, bought candles at Tracy's, and just strolled the walks visiting. We were, of course, curious about the new shop, Pop's Weiner Stand. The store is just wonderful. We strolled in and enjoyed all the art work from the 50's including Betty Boop and 57 Chevy's! The floor is a great linoleum from the 50's as well with black and white checks. We sat on the stools and swirled around while visiting with Greg, the new shop keeper.

We ordered coney dogs and Orange crush off the menu! It was a great lunch and very inexpensive. After lunch Jonah used his pocket money to buy penny candy, that is now a nickel, and I bought the red wax lips. I had to lift him up to the mirror so he could see how he looked!

We bid farewell to Greg and visited several other shops in which Jonah would not take off the lips! He was the town entertainer for the afternoon. By the time we got home, they were soggy and he just chewed them up!

Lou Ann Homan

Lou Ann Homan is a storyteller, teacher, writer, and dreamer of dreams. She can be found writing late into the night under the light of her red scarlet lamp in Indiana or in the wee small cottage on Ocracoke Island.

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