Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Going Home...

It doesn't seem possible that my summer visit at Ocracoke is over. It seems as if I just got here and had all these lovely sun drenched days ahead of me. But my Jeep is packed and I have been saying good bye even though I have been trying to lead a normal life with regular activities this past week.

The Women's Opry show was a huge success on Saturday night with a sold out house. The women were phenomenal and I will never forget the magic of that evening.

It was also Philip and Lachlan's birthday and a visit from Uncle Buddy.

The days just fill up here with events.

It has been wonderful golden summer. I know that it will be so difficult to pull onto that ferry early in the morning. I will miss Philip so much, I can't imagine living without him in the next few months.

My travels will be taking me to Gatlinburg and then on home to Indiana. So, farewell for now...

Lou ann

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