Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Creative art...

In one of my clases, I am working with kids helping them find artistic photography. We are studying light and shadow...composition subjects. All I know about photography I have learned from my Uncle Dean and Tonya. We had a long conference call with Tonya this week. She was willing to share technique and ideas with the students. I wish she could have seen us all huddled around my cell phone, their faces beaming.

As a result here is the first artistic photograph that I have received. Her name is Caity and she is in the fifth grade. I think it is wonderful. She took it here in Northern Indiana as Winter ends.


Kathy Douglas said...

I have a 4th grade teacher doing something similar. They have a camera in the room and kiddos can use it to take pictures of things that make up their world. Then they write a persuasive letter to say why they should be allowed to take the camera home and how they will use it and keep it safe. They will be able to take it home for 3 nights. They are to find who they are through pictures. After that they will choose pictures that they think are best and write a piece to go along with that: poem, song, etc. Walgreens has agreed to develop the pictures for free. Not sure if I've explained it right, but you get the idea! --KAD

Anonymous said...

I should have logged on here to see this a long time ago! Tell Caity the photo is beautiful and she did a great job capturing the texture - she used many of the elements of art (line, shape, texture especially) in a great composition! Post some more!
Love you,
Tonya :)