Monday, February 12, 2007

Frozen Pipes, the flu and other trauma...

The flu went rampant through the Vagina Monologue cast. It started (we think) at a pot luck at Jamie's house...but nobody is blaming her. (It was her husband, Andy, who had been sick!) Alright, no one is to blame..except it hit hard and fast. I happened to me at the mall in Fort Wayne, not my usual hang out...but I needed a few things for the Monologues and had to go into THE CITY. I was so sick that I could not find my car..I went to Customer Service. I told the woman I couldn't find my car...she said well, did I remember the number in the parking lot? I said, no, you don't understand, I can't find the parking lot. They found my car. I drove home. I do not know how. I was so sick I forgot it was cold. My downstairs drains froze up.
With all of that we moved the practice to Karen's house. I am cured. The drains thawed. Life is good. Snow is even expected..a large storm. Tonight I will go bring in provisions and nestle down inside the House at White Picket Gardens.

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor lives in Angola, Indiana which is nestled in the hills of Northern Indiana. When she is home at the White Picket Gardens you can find her gardening or writing late into the night under the light of her frayed scarlet lamp. She is a storyteller, a teacher, a writer, an actress and a collector of front porch stories.

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