Saturday, November 18, 2006

Classical Guitars and Serenading...

Last night seventy folks or more gathered at Wells Theatre at Tri-State University for a concert of classical guitar. The musicians were students in Fort Wayne all minoring in classical guitar. The staging and performance was professional in every way as the students were decked in suits and ties with bowing before and after each piece as the protocal.

Following the concert Liat Peters of Caruso's shared a reception of 17th century food. The crowd gathered around the syllabub table (whipped cream, sherry, and beaten egg whites poured, or rather ladeled into wine glasses) with much interest!
There was also lavender cakes, lemon curd, fig preserves, pumpkin bread and spinach cookies! It was elegant and lovely.

I told one of the performers, Matt Lovell, that he could play outside my window any night he would choose.

When the last of the syllabub was gone, I put my black cape about my shoulders and walked back home to The House at White Picket Gardens. It was an enchanting evening.

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor lives in Angola, Indiana which is nestled in the hills of Northern Indiana. When she is home at the White Picket Gardens you can find her gardening or writing late into the night under the light of her frayed scarlet lamp. She is a storyteller, a teacher, a writer, an actress and a collector of front porch stories.

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