Friday, May 05, 2006

Four boys and a trimmer...

My old trimmer is broken. I tried to fix it...I tried to find a part to replace the broken part...but parts are impossible to find. So, a new trimmer came home with me tonight...after school, even on time. (Well, I did have to coach a skit for a 4-H club skit......)

I was so excited to have my new trimmer. I changed into my work my tool box ready, but just could not put it together. (There was only one small screw!) My new neighbor boys (of which there are 4) sent the middle child over. (He is 13) and he knew just how to fix it! A miracle, I said, truly a child wonder.

I mowed and trimmed...took down the protest sign put up by all of my neighbors. OK, just kidding there, but I could see all the binoculars in the other houses on West Street watching me work. Who says a girl can't run her own house????

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