Saturday, December 17, 2005

Living in a snow globe...

Dear Friends in Angola (or of Angola),

You just gotta love it....cold and more cold. Snow and more cold.

The Farmer's Almanac predicted a heavy snow year. I will believe them the rest of my life.

We are already a half of what the entire winter should keep the snow shovels by the back door (mine is) and the salt handy.

I spent some of my snow in days reading the old clasic, A Raisin in the Sun and The Historian. At least our Carnegie Library has stayed open. If you haven't been to the new library, then you are definitely missing out. It is beautiful, fully stocked with just about any book (or periodical) that you might want and a courteous staff to visit with.

Aaron and I took the boys on a field trip there on Friday. It was Jonah's first visit...he definitely was a celebrity and even picked out his own book. In fact he wasn't going home without it!!

Tonight is a Christmas dinner at a neighbor's house...I have books for the girls wrapped and ready, a freshly made cole slaw and a bottle of red wine for the dinner conversation.

So, let's toast the beginning of winter.

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Homan is a writer, teacher, and storyteller who lives in Angola, Indiana. She is available for writing seminars, storytelling, and speaking engagements. She can be contacted at You can read more at

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