Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Great Pumpkin Patch

I took my sweet little boys, Jonah and Matthew, to the Great Pumpkin Patch early this evening. It was warm and a bit of a foggy haze was setting in as we strolled around acres of pumpkins. The boys were fascinated...rolling, touching, chasing, biting (well, Jonah is only one) and finding just the right one. Jonah chose a large, well formed golden sphere (with a little help) and Matthew found one just his size to haul around. We had supper out, which is another exciting event...mostly they had French Fries...

When we arrived back at their house, we promptly put the pumpkins on the porch and admired their beauty in the moonlight The moon was playing hide and go seek among the aging Maples and Jonah couldn't stop saying..Moon, moon, was a stunning sight. In the distance I could smell the fragrance of burning leaves.

Riding my bike home through the darkned streets, I could only think how lovely Autumn is in Indiana.

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