Saturday, May 28, 2005

a bouncing, fat, red haired baby..

Today Aaron and Karen and the babies are moving into their new house..just one block away. It has been quite the six months them with the fire and moving from one place to another. They have lived out of suitcases for the last six months. Ahhh, but today everything changes..they have a lovely old house in town. Actually Karen and Friends are moving, Aaron is still on a butterfy adventure with his brothers in Honduras. (As Karen was walking out this morning of just one more load of stuff, she said it so well...he really owes me for this one!!)

My job is taking care of to a birthday party (those car seats are really something these days)...then diapers, a bottle for Jonah and a nap.

They are both adorable and I have had the wonderful fortune of getting to know them as they have lived with me this past six weeks. Matthew will be four this summer.. dark haired and sweet (except when tired)..Jonah just turned 8 months and is a red haired, fat little baby. He says dada, has two teeth and is smart and beautiful, of course...except he isn't fond of blogging at this moment, so I'll just sign off for the day.

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AllWriteKathy said...

Good to hear from you...but it seems a little sad here in the halls without your bouncy walk passing by. I am testing Kindergarten kids for vocab work. I love working with them. I have my portfolio ready to go. Carl promised to put his letter in the mail this morning. I've seen the draft and it is impressive. Kimberly will update the one she wrote before and Mindy's is already in the binder. I am reading lots of professional books just to keep fresh for the interview. It is next Monday, still don't know the time. I am anxious and hopeful. I am not sure what it would mean if I came back here. Certainly not what it is this year.
Anyway, I loved the news and glad to hear you have your house back again.
Keep in touch if you can, otherwise I will continue to check in on the blogs! Kathy