Friday, April 22, 2005

And then there were five..

I live alone. My kids at school think that is weird...some of my neighbors wonder about me also!
After time a person gets used to I'm not saying I like it..I am just saying it is how I live...or should I say how I used to live.

This afternoon around 4:00...a carload of folks moved in with me...they drove a white van that was filled top to bottom with "stuff" that has now filled the Cottage at White Picket Gardens.

Odd, you think...did they randomly choose my lovely house on this quiet tree-lined street? No, it was rather is my son, Aaron and his family, Karen and their two babies, Matthew and Jonah. They will be staying here until the first of June.

My kitchen is filled with baby food..the high chair is now in the dining room with a real live baby in knitting basket, seashells, CD's, silver stars have all been tucked away...there are toys and cribs and diapers and trucks all over.

There is also something else around that I don't hear very often...soft voices, breathing, laughter, cooing, and someone to share dinners with.

Yes, life will certainly be different for the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted!

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