Friday, November 05, 2004

About Cats

It's funny how our mind works, isn't it? I mean, I have been thinking about cats....stray cats, neutered cats, wild cats, domestic know every color. When you think about it cats really have made it into the world of art, yes? I mean...what about e.e. cummings and Andrew Lloyd Webber...they sure made Cats famous. And then there is Carl Sandburg, The fog comes on little cat feet... Even Shakespeare talked about the Runcible Cat...even Charles Dckens plays a word game about cats in his Christmas Carol.

Folks are always using cats as metaphors...she is the cat's meow, hunched over like a cat, cat's cradle, playing cat and mouse, claws like a cat.

And then how much work is a cat? A can opener, a litter can be gone for weeks and your cat will entertain himself by just dozing in the sunlight and watching out the windows. They never need their shirts ironed and don't even care about fresh baked cookies.

Yes, I have definitely been thinking about cats.


Anonymous said...

I am a little late in responding, but your dad and mom do not forget you. We think that is the only way we know what you are doing. But come Saturday, you are ours for the week. Sorry fans. A cruise it is. Mom dad, 4 siblings and a beautiful granddaughter. How much fun with 4 daughters. I can't believe how much fun you gals can be. Love you always. Mom and dad
ps. we are not really anonymous, couldn't figure out how to get in

Anonymous said...

And how about that Cheshire Cat? He doesn't "need" his shirts ironed. Really no one does, of course, but it's nice, isn't it? But fresh baked cookies!! That's another matter. :-)

Ken said...

I'm a little worried about your notion of leaving a cat "for a few weeks". How many cans of opened cat food and litter boxes were you planning to leave out for the cat? Perhaps we should start you off with a nice, soft stuffed cat doll and work up to the real kitty?

And while cats don't wear ironed shirts or eat cookies they do like to help...

Wink. Ken O.