Monday, July 19, 2004

Roses, poems, and silver spoons...

July is rainbow waves of heat....summer white sheets fresh from the clothesline...lazy days with no school...and the month of my birthday. I share this birthday with my Grandma Rhoads who taught me how to plant green beans and grow African to make potato salad and oatmeal to stitich on a button and hem a skirt..I miss her.

Birthays on the island are colorful affairs. Last night was the community pot luck for those of us born in July. I feel honored to share my ruby gemstone with Sundae, Karen, and Marcie....all very strong women I am getting to know. Sundae made us crowns of roses and ribbons that we wore all evening...everyone knew we were the birthday girls. Other small gifts were presented during the evening...silver spoons, poetry....but it isn't about is about friendship and community.

The food was wonderful from Philip's deviled eggs to island fig cake and everything in between. There were friends and relatives in every room conversing on every subject

I have decided to wear my lovely crown all week...and shouldn't we all own a silver spoon???

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