Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Journey

Wtihin the last few years I have taken many journeys...some were geographical..trips around the US, backpacking in the British Aisles, visiting my children in all ports. Some have been here and there, life changes...some purely meaphorical..into the life and times of Emily Dickinson, Abigail Adams..time past, time present.

But this summer seems to be a journey of all the above...packing and leaving my house at white picket gardens..traveling by rail, arriving on a small island, Ocracoke, to spend the summer with my friend, Philip. Immersing oneself into a new life style is challenging and exciting and little by little becomes the norm. So, friends, the next few weeks will be stories of the journey. Pour a tall glass of iced tea (with lemon or fresh mint), open wide the windows and let's just chat.

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Anonymous said...

To throw open the windows here would cause my ice in the tea to melt creating a bigger problem. The humidity is nearing 100% with the heat index toppling over into triple digits. I dare say, leave the bloody windows closed and sit with the AC blowing on thy brow. You can close your eyes and dream its a cool ocean breeze of winter.