Sunday, February 24, 2019

On The Road to the Oscars!!

Carolyn and I celebrating at Chapman's last night!

It all started with The Brokaw Movie House. In fact, I think I will blame The Brokaw Movie House! I mean, wow, two great movies in one week luring me to the theatre. Now don’t get me wrong, I love The Brokaw. Hey, I even have a t-shirt and a mug from winning the St. Patrick’s Day dress-up night. (By the way, are we doing that this year?) And I probably have had more punched movie cards than anyone in our town! (Am I right, Dave?) But two great movies in one week is still too much for me. I called Carolyn Powers right away…she is always my partner in crime. “We have to go,” I said, “double feature!?” Not only did she go, but we rounded up a few others and made a night of it.

We arrived early, bought our popcorn and beer, and settled in for our first movie, A Star is Born. We loved it. Yes, we thought, Oscar possibilities. Out in the lobby the four of us gathered around one of the tables eating pizza and watching the clock so we would not miss Bohemian Rhapsody. “Oh, wait,” I said, “this is the winner!” At midnight we all said farewell, and I biked home.

Little did I know this night would become the game of choice (not chance) for Carolyn and myself. We didn’t mean to get hooked on the movies. No, not really. And we certainly didn’t mean to race to the Oscars! Neither of us ever did that before. (Really, I never have.) But something clicked inside our brains and we were off on a movie fantastical journey.
We began to follow movie stories and movie notes and when the Oscar nominations came out, we printed the list, taped it to our refrigerators, and kept the race going.

Each morning found us texting one another with movie stories or highlights and with information on where the movies would be playing. It was innocent, at first, just on Sunday afternoons, but then we became serious. There were movies in Auburn, at Dupont, Jefferson Center. I was reluctant to give away my loyalty to The Brokaw. (Sorry, Dave, you know I love you first and foremost!) We took turns driving, and sometimes after the movies we just sat in our cars with nothing to say. The movies were deep and profound. Green Book. The Favourite. If Beale Street Could Talk.

We found Roma and Black Panther on Netflix. We ordered BlackkKlansman and The Wife on Amazon Prime. We debated, made popcorn, wrote notes, even argued a bit.

There were a few difficulties. Where would we find the animated or the short action films? As if the Universe heard us calling, Tibbits Theatre in Coldwater announced a special four-hour evening showing exactly those. We filled the car and with our Lyft driver, Elten, we went to Coldwater for the shows. I tucked my grannie hankie in my purse ahead of time, and that was a good thing as I needed it for most of the evening. After the show, Carolyn announced, “I can’t do that ever again.” It was intense. (I am sure she will be back next year!)

One week left to the Oscars and still two films to see. Vice and Can You Ever Forgive Me. We checked papers, and on-line with no luck. “We just have to find these movies,” I said in an authoritative voice. I decided to check Family Video, and there it was. The gal at the desk took me right to the Melissa McCarthy movie. $2.99. I called Carolyn. We had a party that night. Now there is just one left, Vice. I am happy to announce; our Lyft driver is taking us to see it tonight in Fort Wayne.

We did it. Not only are we on our way to celebrate, but Family Video is having a contest with full ballots. If you want to participate, get those ballots in today! Mine is almost filled out! There are cash prizes. I know for certain I am going to win! I am keeping my votes a secret, even from Carolyn.


Tomorrow night we are having an Oscar party. I am wearing a fancy black dress and a necklace of fake diamonds. I might even swoop up my hair. With our ballots (another sheet) filled out, Carolyn and I (party of two, thank you!) will be cheering and jeering as we watch.

And, oh yes, we invited our Lyft driver.

P.S. This story was first published in KPC. Also, on a side note, Carolyn and I saw 30 movies this winter! Cheers!