Sunday, December 10, 2017

Time sits in a capsule of joy in Waterloo

Time sits in a capsule of joy in Waterloo: I put the kettle on for tea, pack up canned goods, gather together winter paraphernalia and wait for a group of friends to gather at my old house. It is dark and the hour grows late, but we are on a mission to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train in Waterloo as it passes by on this night. One by one, they arrive … Kathy, Jan, Judy, and Mary (the bat girls, if you remember!). We all talk at once and head out to the shiny red Jeep. We toss our canned goods in the back and we are off. It is only a 20-minute drive, which is lucky, as they are all back seat drivers. Too much heat, too little heat, watch out for deer (and, yes, there were several on the side of the road), do not go too fast, do not go too slow. I just laugh and drive.

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train  

Or it could be titled, The Night the Train Came Into Town. Here is the column of greeting the beautiful midnight train in Waterloo last week. It was a wonderful experience, and if you weren't there, you can read all about it here!

As always, thank you for reading and enjoy!

Lou Ann

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