Thursday, December 22, 2016

And it's a wrap...

After the last show of the season.   

This has been a wonderful Christmas season for me with lots of stories and performances. I really do love them all. There is so much magic in the oral tradition. Thank you to everyone who hired me...listened to me...cheered me on!

But sometimes the best things are just what happens down the street! Last night was my last show for the year, and I got to tell stories with my musician friend, Gerry Ferrell. We sang and told stories to a lovely audience at Cahoots Cafe down at the end of my street.

Just as I was finishing up Twas the Night Before Christmas Santa and Mrs. Claus appeared as jolly as ever! The children were so delighted. Their eyes lit up Christmas trees!

Oh, the magic of Christmas with children. It never fails to amaze me. 

We all need this magic from time to time. We need to learn from the children around us. Lucky me that I am often surrounded by them.

Happy day to you. May the blessings of this day guide you into the once-again darkness of winter.

Lou Ann