Friday, November 25, 2016

Santa's Arrival in my Small Town...

Tonight Santa arrives in Angola. It is always one of my favorite events in my small town. We all gather on the square at 5:30 and wait for his arrival. It doesn't matter what kind of weather we are having. Just a is usually cold and rainy...but who cares? I mean, this is Santa!

When Santa has arrived and we are all assembled, Mayor Hickman will invite the crowd and Santa to count down from ten to zero and then blow on all the lights in town. I know we aren't New York City or Chicago, but oh, what it thrill it is to be surrounded by family and friends to blow on all the lights of Christmas.

This year Santa will receive visitors (usually they are under ten) in our beautifully restored Brokaw Theatre. My job is crowd control outside. What magic do I carry up my sleeves (or my cape for this event)? It will be a marvelous evening. Come on down and see the fun in one of America's favorite small town...Angola, Indiana.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is Shop Small. Please buy from your your local merchants tomorrow. We will be doing just that!

Happy day after Thanksgiving!