Saturday, November 12, 2016

First Frost...

Last night was our first frost. It comes several weeks later than usual which lead to a beautiful fall garden. I always love the first frost. When I lived on the farm it was a welcome event. It meant the months of gardening and heat were finally over. And since we heated with wood and cooked with wood, we could finally take joy into he coolness of fall.

Since I am a winter person, I always take joy in this frost and the coming of winter. If not for winter, we could not love the summer as we do.

I always recited this poem to my children on the first frost so here it is for you.
Happy frost...go outside and enjoy this beautiful weekend.

“October” By Rose Fyleman:
The summer is over,
The trees are all bare,
There is mist in the garden and frost in the air.
The meadows are empty
And gathered the sheaves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves!

John from the garden
Has taken the chairs;
It’s dark in the evening
And cold on the stairs.
Winter is coming and everyone grieves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves!