Thursday, September 08, 2016

An Airbnb Testimonial....thanks, Joe!

The White Picket Fence Experience. Labor Day weekend 2016. Friday September 2.
Who would believe that the best part of a weekend road trip would not be the destinations, or the events, but rather the lodgings? That's what happens, I believe, when anyone stays at Lou Ann's White Picket Fence Garden Home.

This weekend was to be my annual trek to the Auburn auction field for the big extravaganza of classic automobiles. And also for another visit to LouAnn's Picket Fence House, the most delightful place on earth. 

In an unusual twist, I am not driving any of my trusted rides this weekend. But I am driving in familiarity just the same. My old truck, Dolly Dinosaur, whom I sold to my neighbor last year, is up for sale again. So I offered to take Dolly to the big auto event and see if I could get her sold. I even made up a sandwich sign to wear at the auction event.
On the way there, I stopped in Shipshewana for lunch. That's the big Amish town in northern Indiana. They have a restaurant there called the Blue Gate, which is superb. I ordered just a bowl of chicken soup, and the waitress arrived with a heaping plate of pulled chicken, homemade noodles, and broth. I ordered some coffee to go.
When I arrived in Angola, I was pretty tired. There was no one here so I let myself in and went upstairs to take a nap. I was eventually awakened by something happening outside. A noise I couldn't quite identify. I looked out the window and it was LouAnn cutting the grass with a push mower. No wonder I couldn't recognize the sound.

I walked downstairs to give LouAnn a good excuse to park the lawn mower. We talked for awhile and then I headed into town for some dinner. I promised I'd bring her back a burger, ... "Drag it through the garden!".

Being Friday, tonight was campfire night at the White Picket Fence Garden. When I got back from the restaurant in town, the fire was already getting started and one of LouAnn's friends was there. I'm embarrassed to admit I am so bad at remembering names. Later on, another friend arrived and I had the pleasure of being the only guy at the campfire in the company of three fine ladies. The gift of gab descended upon us as the embers glowed, and yes, I quite enjoyed myself.

One of the ladies was having a potluck on Sunday and needed chairs and tables. And lo and behold, I'm driving a pickup truck this weekend. So the magic has already started. After campfire was over, I loaded up Dolly with tables and chairs from various locations and carted them all over to Kathy's house. How's that for being "part of the family"? Life is good.

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