Sunday, September 04, 2016

September is always a game changer

September is always a game changer: As soon as the calendar turns to September, everything changes. I am always reminded of Ray Bradbury in his lovely book, “Dandelion Wine,” when he refers to the change from summer to fall. We aren’t quite there yet, but the sky is bluer, the windows are open and the crickets sing us to sleep. If we are lucky enough, we might even find a cricket in our kitchen or in our chimney.

This photo is from the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It was taken 
a few years back. Jonah is the little guy in the straw hat!
Here is the link to this week's column. It is a glimpse into the Autumn which is full of festivals and performances, of course! I look forward to seeing you this fall as we meander around Indiana and elsewhere enjoying the beautiful Autumn. 
Just click on the above title or the first line to get to the column. As always, thank you for reading....
Lou Ann